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Enlightened Dog Training

Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs
and Respects

Enlightened Dog Training

Category: Animal Books and Memoirs

There is a secret language that dogs use, and you can learn it to understand and communicate with your pet,help resolve common behavioral issues, and transform your dog into a calm, intuitively obedient companionyou can share your lifewith.

Sharing his complete approach to raisingand relating to your pet in an enlightened way, meditation teacherand master dog trainer Jesse Sternberg reveals the principles of the secret language of the animal kingdomand offers commonsense yet unique solutions to everyday canine behavioral problems.

Using case studiesthat resonate with every pet owner and dog lover, he shows how dogs want to behave for their masters andhow they communicate nonverbally using postures, angles, and subtle gestures of body language. Heexplains how most of our pets’issues arise from intense feelings caused by the environment, ourselves, orprior conditioning and how these emotions are acted out by the dog, hence its jumping, lunging, biting, orchewing.

Combining mindfulness teachings with animal psychology, the author shares training exercises andpowerful meditative practices to do with your pet as well as on your own to help build a calm and peacefulmindset for both your dog and yourself, so eventually you will find yourselves aligned in every situation andgracefully master even the unexpected ones.

He explores unique training techniques for soothing anxiety,healing neuroses, overcoming aggression issues, and transforming tension into harmony. He teaches youhow to communicate nonverbally with your dog using thesignals dogs use with each other and details howto address problems with resource guarding, territory, leash training, and a host of other issues as well as theunique situations that can arise with children, puppies, and aging pets.

Helping you cultivate empathy, awareness, and confidence to become the “peaceful alpha” your dog craves,this guide shows how to strengthen your human-animal bond, communicate with actions, read bodylanguage, and command with respect and love.

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