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Bethany Sheppard

Best Psychic

Bethany Sheppard

Best Psychic 2022 Nominee

Within each of us is a spiritual being. As a result of early, life experiences, I understood that about myself at a young age. Accordingly, my entire life has been a journey of Psychic discovery and spiritual growth. As a mature adult I decided to share that spirituality with others. Since I recognize and respect everyone’s individual intuitive nature, I try to make each reading a shared experience. As a result, my readings are very personal in their essence. While mutually discovering and discussing the profound mysteries, we will travel together along the road of life. My readings will answer your questions allowing you to sense the paths before you. “When you change your perceptions…. You change your life” I’m available for small & large groups and private readings serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. I Live in the Philadelphia suburbs, and currently work with most local event planners & several Atlantic City casinos.

Bethany was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956, and grew up as a child of nature, roaming the fields, streams and woods near her home. As a baby, she suffered a near fatal accident. It was a grievous affliction at the time for both mother and daughter. However, while surviving the ordeal, an unusually intimate bond developed between the two, thereby creating the foundation of all future relationships in Bethany’s life. While engaging in all the typical girlish activities (parties, dances, cheerleading, etc.) young Bethany was also developing unusual powers of communication, empathy and understanding. In other words, without realizing it at the time, Bethany was already evolving into a psychic.

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Bethany Sheppard
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