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Winner of the Category: Radio Personality-Paranormal & Supernatural

Victor Fuhrman

Victor Fuhrman, Host of Destination Unlimited and Vox Novus

Rev. Dr. Victor Fuhrman, D.Scd.,  is a healer, spiritual counselor, and author whose deep, rich, compassionate, and articulate sound inspired the radio handle, “Victor the Voice.”

Perhaps Victor Fuhrman is best known to audiences for his work with paranormal investigation teams, where he specialized in sending earthbound spirits “into the light.” His work has been included in a pilot episode of A&E’s “Unexplained” and featured on Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels.”

Victor Fuhrman began investigating ‘things that go bump in the night as part of several New York-based paranormal investigation teams.  As an ordained interfaith minister, he was asked to take on the role of a spiritual counselor to the clients helped by the team, including those no longer in physical bodies.

His expertise in bringing his healing touch to those he serves stems from his training as an interfaith minister, healing energy master, spiritual teacher, and meditation professional.

He graduated from and was ordained through the New Seminary of New York in 1997.

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His Story

Victor Fuhrman played an important role in helping his spiritual community find healing in the new world of post 9-11 life in New York City. During that time, he offered meditation groups and spiritual survival counseling. He helped with disaster relief work as a volunteer chaplain serving families and first responders affected by the World Trade Center attacks.

Victor Fuhrman is the co-author of Pet Prayers and Blessings, a book to help pet owners bless their pets and also get through pet loss. He is a contributing writer and researcher to Your Interfaith Wedding. The Goddess Pages, Wedding Goddess, was a key researcher for the book Meta-Physician On-Call for Better Health.  He was also a long-time contributor to, a leading multi-faith spirituality site. His poetry has touched the hearts of many readers.

Victor is the creator of EnerVision™, a curriculum designed to teach psychic self-empowerment and healing, emphasizing these things as natural rather than supernatural.  In support of the work of healers across the country, he testified and shared his expertise before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

A former armed forces broadcast journalist, Victor Fuhrman, is a storyteller by nature and an inspiring public speaker. He brings unconditional love, compassion, and great humor to his ministry.

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Victor Fuhrman is a Rev. Victor Fuhrman, MSC, is a healer, spiritual counselor, and author.

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