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From Visionary to Conscious Influencer

Do you see yourself as a visionary? Then, learn to take your vision to the next level as a Conscious Influencer!

From Visionary to Conscious Influencer – How Online Radio Can be the Blueprint for Your Success.

Imagine for one moment that your unique ideas could be an answer to someone's problems. That your gifts, concepts, and philosophies can be an answer to someone's prayers.

The world is changing, and we need new visionaries more than ever. Your perspective matters, as so many are awakening at a very rapid rate. The new horizons must be dawning on a world organizing itself to unfold in a renascence of consciousness. You have all the elements necessary to your purpose and imprint your uniqueness in this ever-unfolding process. You need to follow your call, but how to kickstart this phase?

"In order to survive as a race, as a planet, you must learn to share the light. There is no other way." ~Joanna Gawn, The Cordello Quest

To Become a Conscious Influencer, You Must Learn to Amplify your Voice:

Your innovative ideas need a starting point. You can do it in many ways:

1. Start from square one, starting your process of branding and acquiring an audience by yourself,

2. You can enlist the help of 'Influencer Incubator' organizations and groups aligned with your ideas and your ethics.

3. Alternatively, you can find another well-established Influencer to lend their reputation Capital and their audience to jump–start yours.

Think Outside the Box!

To be a "conscious influencer," as far as your mission is concerned, is anyone in your niche who is an authority on it. It could be anyone from your work circle to bloggers or some of your industry personalities.

If you agree that success is an acquired habit, authority can be built over time. Still, you can do this faster if you develop some strategies. Among all the plans, we recommend broadcasting your message as the best way to enter the stream of consciousness of all the people inside your industry and your niche.

Ways to broadcast your message: Increase Your online Brand Awareness

Radio shows + Podcasts are more popular than ever, and you can take advantage of this to promote your message. Interviews work particularly well in this format.

Using the Reputation Capital

Aligning your name to people with a firmed and known reputation in your niche will make your name circulate in your industry. When you have an interview with a well-known figure, we highly recommend you post a blog with the transcript for those who missed it. Moreover, circulate it within your social media following. Setting up an interview with an influencer has the bonus that they will likely share the conversation on their own social media channels, directing their followers to your internet radio page.

During your opening show, talk a little about current topics from your niche perspective, which means speaking from your place of expertise. Another relevant and efficient suggestion is to ask your audience to submit their stories and publish them in that specific section of your blog. You can ask on air and also on your social media pages. Write fresh opinion pieces on hot current issues in your niche industry. When using the OMTimes Radio Platform, you are invited to give your audience the possibility to ask questions to you and your guests using our open phone lines and easy-to-use free app.

Create open Guests panels

Invite guests to discuss popular events and mediate their opinions. At the same time, you let your own opinion be the highlight of the closing arguments. Each of your guests has an audience that will start getting to know you, your message, and your expertise. Through the interview airing, have an assistant live-tweet some of the most exciting phrases and breakthroughs, and make sure to tag the influencer's Twitter account! Also, remember to check if there is an existing hashtag that the influencer's fans already use. IOM Radio as an "Influencer Incubator."

OMTimes radio has the backing of a well-established Conscious Living Magazine celebrating ten years of existence. OMTimes Capital's reputation has been the backbone supporting the wave of new blood and ideas of the next generation of influencers of the spiritual, conscious, and holistic communities.

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