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The Inner Work of Age

Shifting from Role to Soul

The Inner Work of Age

Category: Self-Growth

With extended longevity comes the opportunity for extended personal growth and spiritualdevelopment. You now have the chance tobecome an Elder, to leave behind past roles, shift fromwork in the outer world to inner work with the soul, and become authentically who you are. This bookis a guide to help get past the inner obstacles and embrace the hidden spiritual gifts of age.

Offering a radical reimagining of age for all generations, psychotherapist and bestselling authorConnie Zweig reveals how to use inner work to uncover and explore the unconscious denial andresistance that erupts around key thresholds of later life, attune to your soul’s longing, and emergerenewed as an Elder filled with vitality and purpose.

She explores the obstacles encountered in thetransition to wise Elder and offers psychological shadow-work and diverse spiritual practices to helpyou break throughdenial to awareness, move from self-rejection to self-acceptance, repair the past tobe fully present, reclaim your creativity, and allow mortality to be a teacher. Sharing contemplativepractices for self-reflection, she also reveals how to discover waysto share your talents and wisdom tobecome a force for change in the lives of others.

Woven throughout with wisdom from prominent Elders, including Ken Wilber, Krishna Das, FatherThomas Keating, Anna Douglas, James Hollis, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Ashton Applewhite, RoshiWendy Nakao, Roger Walsh, and Stanislav Grof, this book offers tools and guidance to help you letgo of past roles, expand your identity, deepen self-knowledge, and move through these life passages toa new stage of awareness, choosing to befully real, transparent, and free to embrace a fulfilling latelife.

Connie Zweig, Ph.D., is a retired psychotherapist, former executive editor at Jeremy P.Tarcher Publishing, former columnist forEsquiremagazine, and contributor to theLATimes. Knownas the Shadow Expert, she is the coauthor ofMeeting the ShadowandRomancing the Shadowandauthor ofMeeting the Shadow of Spiritualityand a novel,A Moth to the Flame: The Life of Sufi PoetRumi. She lives in Topanga, California.

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