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Danielle Marie Armstrong

Best Tarot Reader

Danielle Marie Armstrong

 Nominee for the Category: Best Tarot Reader

Danielle Marie Armstrong, views the tarot as a systemic constellation structure. Her goal is to stimulate inner work and train the ability to transform through introspection. Inspiration is meaningful when it flows into daily and professional work and inspires "Daringhood Core Progress".

As a script consultant, story editor, and creative coach in the film sector for far over three decades, Danielle Marie has been the CEO of DARINGHOOD Core Progress and SOLISTICS High Energetics - based in Central Europe, she is internationally active as a renowned coach, mentor and trainer.

As one who looks beyond the ordinary and straight into the unique. Danielle presents the TAROT as a storyboard and systemic structure. Images and scenes must activate the inner ability to impromptu reframe perception in any dead-end context with an AHA moment at any turning point and solidify true to the soul motives. She follows a strong calling to bring her knowledge to the world. Since January 2022, she has been sharing her ability to read from the variety of symbolism with her 'Delightslive' on her YouTube Channel every Monday. She is a life dramaturge, an essence astrologer with a chronic interest in everything that creates meaning and quotes from Kabballah, numerology, palmistry, archetypal psychology, dramaturgy, color theory, geometry and spiritual energetics. Her motto: You are the main character in your life and you deserve to make a good life great.

Dare and do the work!

Danielle Marie Armstrong
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