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Sophia Elise

Best Tarot Reader

Sophia Elise

 Nominee for the Category: Best Tarot Reader

Sophia is Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairsentient (feeling), Claircognizant (knowing) and Empathic. She will use all of these gifts to help you find the right path. Known for her accuracy, integrity and easy reading style, she uses intuition and the Tarot as a tool to higher consciousness.

This allows her to quickly channel into your energy providing details as well as a general timeline for the unfolding of future events. Sophia will bring you out of the darkness and into the light bringing clarity to questions about career, finances, life path and most of all, Love.

Sophia guides people to identify and remove the blockages and obstacles keeping them stuck. This allows them to reach their fullest potential, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Sophia is a 20th generation psychic descending from both Welsh and Romany gypsy roots who would assist her great-grandmother conduct seances in the front parlor. Her family has been predicting future events and providing spiritual healing for centuries.

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Sophia Elise
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