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Love, God , and Everything

Awakening from the Long, Dark Night of the
Collective Soul

Love, God, and Everything

Category: World Vision

Humanity is undergoing a planetary wake-up call: in order to survive the global spiritual, ecological, andcultural crises we now face, the long, dark night of the collective soul, we need to consciously evolve, healour generational trauma, and awaken to the amazing potential we each hold for profound transformation.

In this sweeping exploration of love, consciousness, and awakening, Nicolya Christi offers a deepinvestigation of the Great Shift of Ages that is now occurring. She shares detailed personal accounts of theextraordinary metaphysical, psychic, and out-of-body experiences she has had throughout her life alongwith the direct spiritual insights she gained as a result. She explores what consciousness is and examines theevolutionary continuum of the soul—including the voyage of the incarnate soul, the metaphysical-spiritualreality of the excarnate soul, and the beyond-soul reality. She also shares maps and models forpsychospiritual integration, awakening, and evolving consciousness that she has pioneered.

Examining the personal and collective human shadow, the author looks at the central role epigenetics playin our current fear-based reality and explores the impact of stories of wounding from a personal, ancestral,and karmic perspective. Focusing on healing generational and collective trauma, she shows how bychanging our “story,” we can change the world and transcend the shadow of human experience. Sheexplores spiritual wisdom from ancient cultures spanning millennia, especially the Classic Maya, andhighlights evolutionary astrological events that will influence humanity in the years anddecades ahead aswe more fully awaken.

Sharing her vision for the New Earth, Nicolya reveals how deeply feeling and envisioning our post-transformation future as if it has already happened will help bring it into being. She also shares a look intothe newepoch of wellness, regeneration, psychology, biology, and technology that will unfold as humanitytransitions from the dysfunctional old paradigm into a conscious and awakened new world.

Nicolya Christi is an author, writer, and visionary. She lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.

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