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Robyn Fritz

Animal Communicator

Robyn M Fritz

Animal Communication

I started my animal communication practice over a decade ago: like most of us who live with animals, I wanted to know what my animal family was thinking.

Over the years my practice evolved into deepening the human-animal bond by facilitating both practical and mystical connections between people and their multi-species families—the animals we live with as family members.

Why? Because people often mistake their animals for animal totems, or expect more than any animal, or human, can possibly give. Does the phrase “animals are our healers and teachers” give you pause? It should. Animals are first and foremost just like us—they are souls who have chosen that body to learn and grow. We can do that together, but we shouldn’t expect them to be furry gurus. While some animals have signed up for cosmic or mystical jobs, just like we do, they are first and foremost our family members. Being a family member should always come first.

For example, too often people dismiss an animal’s illness or behavior as “mirroring,” assuming the animal is simply reflecting their human’s worries or issues; while this is normal in families, it devalues the real needs, insecurities, and concerns that our animals have (yes, just like we have).

An award-winning author and workshop leader and speaker, I help you tap your personal power to find balance, clarity, and transformation. It’s your magic—your way.

Robyn Fritz
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