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A Cultural Guild

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." 
– Sir Isaac Newton, 1675

The phrase "standing on the shoulders of giants" is a metaphor that means "using the understanding gained by major thinkers who have gone before to make intellectual and spiritual progress."

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About The Ommiewood Guild

The Guild is a culture and Lifestyle civil society created to encourage the assistance and Exposure of the new wave of Conscious Luminaries and Visionary leaders of The Spiritual, Conscious, and Holistic Communities.
The Guild has a prominent Voluntary character, and membership is by invitation only.
The Guild is dedicated to creating a flexible structure to integrate individuals and groups into larger social contexts, with Exposure and position of prominence. The Ommiewood Guild is an association between individuals who share and respect the same cultural and ethical values and share similar perceptions about Life, Consciousness, and Oneness. 

The Ommiewood Guild commune in a conscious way in sharing its perceive Our reality.

The Ommie Awards Guild was created as an association of Individuals from various walks of Life, all willing to respond to an increasing demand inside the ever-growing community of Spiritually conscious Individuals in our modern society: The Need for a Standard of Excellence, Quality, and Integrity.

The entire backbone of this organization is based on Integrity and a Promotion of a meritorious system of rewards.

To make this cultural Guild more effective, we organized the diverse Categories of Awards under the same platform but grouped them collectively into activity sectors.


If You are interested In participating in this Prestigious Cultural (Conscious, Spiritual, and Holistic) Guild, please write to

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