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The Ommie awards  Ethical Commitment and moral compass

Our Ethical Commitment

OMTimes Media has experience with publishing Spiritually Conscious content for more than twelve years. And we have done so with a permanent commitment to Integrity, quality, and originality of content.

As the pro-profit arm of our Nonprofits Humanity Healing International and Cathedral of the Soul NGO (Registered Charities), OMTimes media has been holding and has been a living example of an ethical blueprint with a Spiritual, and moral compass.

We believe that our duty is to our humanity and our planet to avoid any speech of divisiveness or actions that can incite discord.

We believe we work on the prosperity business and regard quality information, education, and inspiration (wisdom) as humanity's wealth.

We believe in the Law of One.

Therefore, we will not contribute to demolishing our shared values as Human beings, Earthlings, and equal citizens of this Evolution plan.

 We intend to revolutionize our Planetary Culture with new Voices!

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