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Rules and Regulations for the Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame

Not all Literary Contestant rules are created equal. For that reason, we are enlisting all the peculiarities of the first and all-inclusive Conscious Living Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame.

The Ommie Awards and the Ommiewood Hall of Fame are copyrighted by OMTimes Media, and neither the names nor any associated graphics may be used without OMTimes Media's express permission.

Rules and Guidelines Submissions for Individuals, Self-Published and Assisted Published Authors, and Conscious/ Spiritual Practitioners

The most important thing to emphasize is that participating in the Ommie Awards contest is like signing a contract. Both parties tacitly agree and must comply with their rights and obligations. Therefore, it is an implied assumption that you accept the basis of the present Ommie Awards when you send your work as a submission.

The Ommie Awards and the Ommiewood Hall of Fame is an annual Conscious Living Contest covering the period of September 1 from one year to September 1 of the following year.

The Ommie Awards and the Ommiewood Halls of Fame Literary Award is an initiatives dedicated to discovering new literary productions, new voices, and fresh perspectives; and are open to independent authors and creators who publish in English.
The Public (the readers) plays a crucial role in selecting the winner, aided by a Panel of Judges that includes experts from the Conscious Living, Holistic, and Spiritual literary worlds.

The Ommie Awards Conscious Living & Professional and Literary Contest is an excellent opportunity to make yourself known as they offer many advantages, including recognition and publicity. If you have written and self-published a book or a manuscript but do not know to submit it to the Ommie Awards. In that case, we will offer you information so you can decide how to proceed.

What is this Award Contest for?

From the publisher's point of view, the primary purpose of the Ommie Awards as a literary contest is to publicize new works and new authors within the publishing scene and offer them a magnificent system to promote and boost the sales of a book, spotlighting their works and other auxiliary services provided by them such as Courses, Public Appearances, and Speaking Engagements.

From the authors' point of view, presenting themselves in a literary contest such as the Ommie Awards can give them the possibility of promoting their Book (or service). Those who are among the top places have the power of the Ommie Award to publicize their work and enjoy an exposure they could not achieve alone without a heavy financial investment.

An author always seeks to convey something with their creation, and by winning a literary award, that message will reach many more people. Suppose the work wants to make a social commentary or point out a unique and original perspective, for example. In that case, the fact of winning a literary contest can give visibility to the subject that the author wants to point out.

The Ommie Awards do not limit the number of participants or contenders.

The Fine Print

1.    The Ommie Awards contest follows two distinctive phases:
1.1.    A Public and Open Voting
1.2.    The three (3) candidates with the most votes for each category will enter the second phase of the Contest, where they will be evaluated by our selected Panel of Judges.

OMTimes Media and Broadcast, along with its Affiliates and Media partners, have created, and are promoting, the first (open) Ommie Awards and Hall of Fame to bring to the forefront the new voices of the Conscious, Spiritual, and Holistic communities.

2.    The Ommie Awards is to be governed by the following conditions

2.1.    Topic: Conscious, Holistic, and Spiritual, according to their diverse categories
2.2.    Language: English. Works in other languages are not being accepted for nomination at this time.
2.3.    Objective: To provide new authors, emerging creators, writers, professionals, and practitioners the opportunity of specialized niche exposure and promotion of their works, abilities, and talents.

3.    Submission Requirements

Ommie Award candidates must be 18 or older or the age of majority in their country of residence at the time of Entry.
The Contest is open to authors publishing in English in any genre category listed by the Ommie Awards and in compliance with the guidelines.

The territorial scope of the Contest covers the entire world without prejudice to the provisions of the following paragraph. The Contest will be only available to submissions in English at this time. Suppose there is to be a submission from an author not from an English-speaking country. In that case, only the English translation of the creative project will be considered a contender.

4.    Submission Guidelines

The registration period for the Ommie Awards 2023 will begin at 00:00:01 (Eastern Standard Time) on January 1, 2023. It will end at 23:59:59 (Eastern Standard Time) on August 31, 2023 (the "Registration Deadline"). Literary works must have been published between September 1, 2022, through September 1, 2023. Following years follow the same timing format unless amended.

All Entries must be received by the Entry Deadline. OMTimes' server time will be considered the official time for all Contest phases, and proof of an Entrant's Entry does not constitute proof of receipt by the Ommie Award Organizing Commission.

There is no limit to the number of Entries an Entrant can submit, provided they are done in different categories.

The Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame are not responsible for 

(i)    Lost, misdirected, delayed, incomplete data or unintelligibility of Entries, or for inaccurate entry information (caused by Entrant or any associated equipment or programming or used in the Contest), nor for any technical or human error that may occur in the processing of Entries; nor 
(ii)    For any printing, production, human or typographical errors in any material associated with the Contest.

4.1    Guidelines for Independent and Self-Published Authors 

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and by entering this Contest, each Entrant represents and warrants that:

(i)    They are the sole author and the legal and beneficial owner of all rights to the Book and its contents, including any proprietary rights intellectual and ownership of a similar nature such as patents, trademarks and service marks, moral rights, trade secrets, and any other intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as other property rights applicable anywhere in the world to which the Participant has or may be entitled. 

(ii)    The Book is an original work of Entrant. It has not been copied in whole or substance from any other creative work, material, or source. 

(iii)    The Book is not defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise illegal.
(iv)    Exploiting the rights granted under these Terms and Conditions does not and will not infringe the rights of any third party.
(v)    That you have the written permission of any person (or parent or guardian, if such person is a minor) whose name appears on or may be identified in any Entry.

The Ommie Awards, at its sole discretion, may disqualify any entrant whose Entry it determines does not meet any requirement described in these Terms and Conditions or the previous representations and warranties.

The Ommie Awards reserves the right, in its sole and unlimited discretion, to disqualify at any time any Entry that contains obscene, offensive, pornographic, or sexually explicit material or that is defamatory, libelous, infringing, or any other inappropriate content or subject matter (as determined by the Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame in their sole discretion).

If a Competitor appears or is in any way identifiable through their Entry, such Entrant, by submitting their Entry to this Contest, consents to the Ommie Awards using their name, likeness, voice, image, and any other identifiable features of their person in any format (without limitation, in writing or through audio, photography or video), for the purpose of (including promotional and commercial purposes), in any media, without the right to any compensation or additional consideration to the Participant.

5. Copyright

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, by participating in this Contest, Entrants grant the Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame worldwide authorization and for the maximum duration of such rights under applicable law to use their name, biography, entries, images, or any other identifiable representation of your person in any form, through any means and for any purpose in connection with the Contest, without any additional compensation.

The Contest and all ancillary materials are protected by the author's copyrights and copyrights, their respective Publishing Houses, groups or consortiums, or their group companies. The Ommie Awards make no claims to ownership of those materials.

6. Marketing and Promotion.

Like a movie star, if the rules dictate "the Winner authors and personalities will actively and personally commit to promoting the winning work that the Editorial deems necessary," prepare your best personal presentation to be at the time and Place requested by the editorial. In addition, you must agree to participate in the marketing actions that have been organized and coordinated.
For the Individual Practitioner and Personality categories, the individual must provide a very organized website, a Media Kit, and a 30-second personal promo through a YouTube Video or a recording with a call to action to their Support community.
The Candidate should also provide links to all their social media sites and the ability to confirm a loyal social media following.
In all cases, the Respondent agrees to submit their publicity work to be publicized and promoted by OMTimes Media and Broadcasting and all Its Media affiliates and Partners.

7.    Accepted Formats and Media.

We accept nominee submissions of Creative and Literary works presented in a variety of formats as such:
(i)    Book Formats: hardcover, paperback (pocket), special edition,
(ii)    Digital formats include eBooks, interactive books, audiobooks, and Book apps.
(iii)    Audiovisual formats: Radio shows, Television Episodes, Short Movies, and Podcasts.

8. About the Awards

The Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame Contest will distribute the following Honors:

Ommie Award Winner – 1st Place - The Thought Leader

Ommie Award Honor – 2nd Place - The Changemaker

Ommie Award Honor – 3rd Place - The Influencer

Ommie Award Nominee – 4th – 10th Place.

Note – As indicated by popular vote, only the top 10 nominees per category will be listed in the Ommiewood Hall of Fame for any given year. There is no prize simply for participation.

8.1. The top three (03) winners in each category will be selected by the Panel of Judges to host a profile on a permanent spotlighted exhibition known as "The Ommiewood Hall of Fame" for each year, as well as to participate in a special edition of OMTimes Magazine. The Ommie Awards Special Edition will be designed, edited, and published when convenient by OMTimes Media and Broadcasting.

8.2. The Honors of the Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Hall of Fame will occur on the dates previously determined on its main website. These dates may vary from year to year.

8.3. The Contest's RESULTS will be revealed on all the social networks of OMTimes (including Its affiliates and Media Partners) through Press releases, and the winners will be notified via e-mail.

Published Works that do not meet the requirements established based on each category of this submission Call will be disqualified.

9.0. The Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges comprises seven (7) individuals recognizable by their competence, reputation, and accolades among the Conscious Living, Holistic, and Spiritual Genres. Selection of the Panel of Judges is at the sole discretion of OMTimes Media.

Once the Judges' decision has been issued, it will be regarded as final and unappealable. The Judgment and Honor Awarding process will take Place during December of the current Award Year.

OMTimes Media, any additional Contest organizers, and the Panel of Judges are not responsible for any costs incurred by the participants for registration, promotion, appearance at the award event, or any other expenses related to the Contest.

The members of the Panel of Judges will not be able to participate in the Ommie Awards contest with their own individual and personal submissions.


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