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 Nominee for the Category: Best Astrology Practitioner​​​

Christos Archos

Christos Archos International Astrologer and Broadcaster

Christos Archos is a professional astrologer living in Athens – Greece. He lectures, teaches, broadcasts TV and radio shows, and is a personal consultant to many people worldwide. He has worked professionally for the last 20 years, is the Director of the Institute of Astrology based in Athens, and has international clients and students. Studied Psychology, and he is a counselor in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, analytical psychology, and family constellations.

 He is writing for several magazines and sites and is the founder of CCONOS, the Center of Cosmobiology and Noetic and Social Sciences. His research is on personal development and depression but also on the study of Consciousness. Also, he has a group study on Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastrology, which is the study of people's ancient beliefs in astronomy and astrology subjects.

 Invited to several conferences worldwide, he is preparing his first book: "Natal Promise, its power and how to break out from the jail of it."

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"Opening to Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity: Developing Your Sixth Sense "  (Series)

 Christos Archos is an international Personality and Teacher, and he offer many specialized Courses that merge Astrology  with Psychology.

a) Natal Astrology:  Modern and Traditional

discussion - Natal Astrology - Modern and Traditional - English | AstromedibalkanEduca

b)  Predictive astrology: Modern and Traditional

discussion - Predictive Astrology - English | AstromedibalkanEduca

c) Synastry and Interpersonal relationships

discussion - Synastry and interpersonal relationships - English | AstromedibalkanEduca

d) Astropsychology 

discussion - Astropsychology - English Language | AstromedibalkanEduca

He has more than 19 courses on traditional techniques like electional and horary, modern ones like harmonics and cosmobiology, and a series of others like medical, financial, esoteric, etc.

Other Books


Mr. Christos Archos is an International Personality and Influencer.  Any  media inquiries should be directed to his website.

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