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Lisa Greenfield

Best Psychic

Lisa Greenfield

Best Psychic 2022 Nominee

Lisa Greenfield is a professional and expert Celebrity Intuitive Reader who has worked with some of TV’s and films’ biggest stars. She helps achievers see the Truth of what they can do and uncovers their hidden and untapped potential in life, to help them live the lives they are meant to live.

Background and Experience Lisa brings a lifetime of experience, working with over 20,000 people worldwide. She has read for iconic film stars, rock stars, CEOs, television personalities, as well as regular and ordinary people. Among other things, she is an Astrologer, Intuitive Counselor, Life/Love/Spiritual/Relationship Coach, Numerologist, Palmist, Psychic, and Tarot Card Reader. She started reading hands when she was just 13 years old.

She has an unparalleled expertise in Hand Analysis and Reading that brings a rich, deep, and intuitive understanding of the human nature based on the lines of your hand. Hand analysis can give you fascinating insight into your life purpose, emotional state, your outlook in life, and your overall tendencies. It is because the lines in our hands mimic the neural pathways of our brains. Lisa helps people get to where they want to be, and she shows them how to have an easier time doing it. Seeing the Truth in every situation helps in making better choices.

As an Astrologer, she uses Astrology to pinpoint the perfect timing of things. As a Tarot Card Reader, she uses the Tarot to get specific information and details. And as a Palmist, she can see how you can make things work best for you. Lisa once visited the set of Wag the Dog, and her hand reading skill was so compelling that actor Dustin Hoffman briefly paused filming to let her read his hands and the hands of others. Lisa is one of 2016’s Top Psychics and Mediums.

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Lisa Greenfield
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