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Category: Internet Radio and TV Broadcast

The Future is Consciousness.


We are convinced that a conscious and spiritually inclined broadcasting impacts people's lives so that they become stronger as individuals belonging to a more human and socially able collective.


  1. Radio Personality – Male

  2. Radio Personality – Female

  3. Best Conscious YOUTUBER

  4. Best Spiritual PR

  5. Spiritual Comedian

  6. Spiritual Performer

  7. Best Spirituality Film

  8. Best Conscious Video – social media

  9. Best vegan (vegetarian) Chef

  10. Best Radio Host Health and Healing

  11. Best Tv Host

  12. Best Spiritual Podcast

  13. Radio Host Psychic

  14. Radio Host Relationships

  15. Radio Host Conscious Living

  16. Radio Host Lifestyle

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