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Category: Paranormal Supernatural

Paranormal is a term committed to uncovering the propositions of a large variety of phenomena whose causes or mechanisms cannot be explained by the current state of scientific knowledge. Instead, these phenomena are attributed to unknown forces, especially psychic and spiritual forces.


Events without evidence or based on anecdotal evidence considered are considered paranormal.


The word paranormal derives from the combinations of the Greek prefix para- which means "that which is outside of, “and from the Latin word Norma, referring to the rule or the standard, and the suffix -to which indicates belonging. Paranormal, therefore etymologically means "something that is outside the margins of the normal."


In parapsychology, the science that studies psychic events where the mind seems to interact with the environment through a known physical link, paranormal phenomena are analyzed and classified into three groups.


  1. Alien Research and Contactees

  2. Crop Circle Experts

  3. Ghost Hunters

  4. Other Paranormal Phenomena

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