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Pinky Chenille

Best Children Book Nominee 2022

As Princess Adeline came rushing along,

By the look on her face, something was wrong . . .

“Pinky! Pinky! Where did the colors go?

I’ve been looking high and low!”

When all the Color Critters decide to hide their colors, Addendale becomes a very sad place indeed…. Can Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline bring all the colors back together and make their world a colorful, happy place again?

Just like the classic tale ‘Wizard of Oz’ Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters starts with delightful black and white illustrations and ends in merriment of blazing full color.

In this first book in the series, Sharon Sayler’s Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters is a rhyming picture book for your young adventurers and peacemakers of every age. With engaging, whimsical art and playful rhyming verse, Pinky Chenille and Princess Adeline weave a fantastical tale of inspiration on the importance of friendship, teamwork and getting along.

As a children’s author, Sharon Sayler’s passion is to show through fun and creative story great values and life lessons in a playful and easy to understand way. The characters in Sharon’s worlds come alive in her rhyming picture books! Each book is filled with beautiful illustrations and magical stories designed to entertain and inspire young minds, stimulate their imagination, and even educate. Her stories weave fanciful tales filled with life lessons such as teamwork, getting along, curiosity, empathy, and persistence. Learn more at

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