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Chrystal Presence

Conscious Parenting Writer

Her career began as a registered nurse and midwife.

When she started to see patterns in the dis-ease, she pursued her passion, inspiration, and motivation. She turned to explore ways to end the suffering I was seeing in my world. Asking questions and receiving the answers turned into facilitating a 5 Day live event called "Freedom at the Core," her primary business for the past 35 years.

Crystal's expertise and passion support people in realizing answers and strategies for making the changes they want. I coach them in getting clear on exactly what they want and discovering what they need to do to make it happen. She offers tools and ways to make the process easier and more fun than they have thought possible. She coaches them in uncovering hidden challenges, beliefs, and ways of using their energy that may be holding them back. Leaving them renewed, reenergized, and inspired with a full overview and reference points of what it takes to experience the joy and fun of taking full responsibility for their lives. They will also know what it means to experience freedom from the inside out.

Chrystal Presence
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