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William Bezanson

Ageless Wisdom Columnist

As a retired engineer, I am fulfilling my passion for writing and have now published six books on world stewardship, user performance-centered systems design, and mathematical beauty. I am a long-standing member of a Rosicrucian Order and two related initiatic, mystical orders—my mission in life it to help to bring about a Spiritual State in this Mundane World. My pleasure readings focus on large-picture topics such as cosmology, esoteric Christianity, the Jungian world view, mystical spirituality, and related topics. I live with my wife in Ottawa, Canada, and we have six adult children.

I do not claim an expertise. If anything, I consider myself not a specialist, but a generalist. I seek convergence among many disciplines to explain the actuality of Life and the Universe, as viewed through the reality of our limited perceptions and thoughts. With that in mind, I try to apply my experience and interests in spirituality, comparative religion, mystical exercises, mathematical thinking, Jungian world view, modern Physics, Cosmogenesis, and others. I do not know yet which sections I would like to contribute to.Photograph by Steve Bezanson”

William Bezanson

70 Shadetree Crescent

Ottawa ON, K2E 7R2 Canada

phone 613.225.9026 (H), 613.608.6115 (C)


William Bezanson
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