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Winner of the Category: Radio and TV Personality
Metaphysic Teacher

Nancy Myers

Nancy Myers, Author, Metaphysics, TeachersRadio and TV Personality.

Nancy Myers will be the first to tell you that she is no one special.  But after her son's sudden and unexpected passing in 2010, she was awakened to special gifts and instructions from the spirit.  The first gift was the ability to capture orbs with her camera, which then evolved into communicating and receiving messages from the orbs themselves.  In order to understand this communication more thoroughly, she expanded her knowledge of the spirit world by developing psychic and mediumship skills, becoming a Reiki Master, a certified Oracle Card Reader, and Channel.  She is also the author of two books, “Entering The Light Fantastic” and “Encircled by The Light Fantastic,” which chronicle her spiritual evolution.

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Her Story

Now known as “The Lady of the Light”, Nancy Myer’s work with orbs has led to requests from all over the country for demonstrations, presentations, and private sessions, and her collection of spirit photos now numbers in the thousands.  Her unique gift of orb and spirit photography includes capturing orbs that contain the faces of our loved ones, even pets, who are in spirit. One of the most important reasons for the appearance of orbs is to reassure us that the bond of love is never broken and that life is eternal.  This is a cornerstone of her work with her son, Robbie, and spirit.

Through workshops, study, world travel, meditations, visions, and dreams, the magic of the spiritual world has continued to reveal more of itself to Nancy, and Nancy’s mission is to share these revelations with anyone and everyone who would like to tap into the everyday magic that surrounds us all. “The more you believe, the more you believe”  (Robbie Myers)

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Nancy Myers

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