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Winner of the Category: Radio Personality-Personal Growth

Sam Parrotto

Sam Parrotto, Host of Expedition Self

Sam Parrotto is the founder and CEO of BeingWorks – an organizational development company designed to create internal change both for the corporate culture and business operation, as well as all individuals within it.

Her ability to help people look inward and honestly at themselves has translated into unparalleled and revolutionary transformation for her clients. She accelerates the business development cycle because her work is uniquely centered on the source of all business growth – how people interrelate and integrate.

Sam Parrotto is also the lead guide and creator of Expedition Self, an online community of curious self-developers and lifelong learners. Here she teaches people how to master the process of Growthwork, to go inside Self and recreate the inner relationship into a more collaborative, available, and self-leading way of empowering Life itself.

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Her Story

Over her 40-year career, she specialized in relationship building, communication, leadership, and personal power. Recipients of her facilitation in these areas can use these skillsets to manifest more constructive and welcoming internal and external environments. Her client companies have unquestionably ‘grown up’ because of her insights into the nature of being human.

Sam Parrotto is particularly adept at breaking down the most challenging self-growth foes: resistance, self-protection, and ‘ego-driven’ environments that silently plague our offices, our home lives, and internal dialogues. Her approach has brought the idea of personal mastery as the source of professional competency and individual vibrancy to many who’ve participated in her group work.

Always ahead of her time, Sam began her questioning of LIFE at the age of 5, exploring deep and essential concepts commonly pushed away: loneliness, nothingness, death, truth, love, and strength.

She passionately created and implemented the use of life-altering Self Development Models and started her first transformational business in her early 20s.

Her entire adult life has been dedicated to working with, studying, and researching the nature of the human experience. It is excited to announce the release of her first book in 2022 to join her already prolific offerings in the self-growth domain.

Sam Parrotto brings the full power of her human journey with every offer. Humbled by the kaleidoscopic and often unsettling experience Life has offered, she believes that every person’s story arc should be celebrated and investigated rather than just unconsciously occupied. Oh, and she delights in all things tiny, color in every hue, particularly purple, troll dolls, rocks, and the creative process.

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To contact Sam Parrotto, please email us at :)

Or Write to Expedition Self
1000 W. Valley Rd., #667 
Southeastern, Pennsylvania  19399

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