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Mystic Explorer

Jeniffer Evanko

Jennifer Evanko, The Mystic Explorer

For more than 35 years, Jennifer Evanko has followed the call of passion for personal growth and human potential, delving into life’s greatest mysteries and learning from some of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers.

Her quest has taken her worldwide to ancient sacred sites, renowned Mystery Schools, and Teaching Centers at the leading edge of personal transformation, studying metaphysics, meditation, integrative medicine, and the mysteries of consciousness and transformation.

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Her Story

As a Soul Mentor, Jennifer is adept at facilitating the rich inner experiences that will enable you to expand your awareness, access your hidden resources, and activate your deepest spiritual, sensory, and your multidimensional capacities.

Jennifer Evanko learned ancient energy healing techniques in Brazil, attended the Mystery Schools of Damanhur in Italy, and trained with Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and Davidji at the Chopra Center University in California.

She spent four years being personally mentored by one of the greatest pioneers of the Human Potential movement, Dr. Jean Houston, learning transformative techniques and the mysteries of the imaginal realm, before finally embracing her dharma as a spiritual healer and teacher.

From creating powerful meditations and signature Group Wisdom Gatherings to her specialized Adventures in Consciousness programs and individual mentoring, Jennifer expertly guides people through the uncharted territories of the meta-realms to access their soul’s wisdom and discover their own personal place of healing.  Her greatest passion and joy are served by helping others to tap into their unbounded potential, harness their inner strengths and gifts, and align with their own unique higher destiny.

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Jennifer Evanko


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