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Better Parenting with the Enneagram: Nine Types of Children and Nine Types of Parents

A Guide to Using the Enneagram for Harmonious Parent-Child Relationships

Better Parentingwiththe Enneagram
Nine Types of Children and Nine Types of Parents

Category: Conscious Parenting

In this practical guide to better parenting with the Enneagram, certified Enneagram practitioner andexperienced parent Ann Gadd explores the 9 Enneagram parenting types and the 9 Enneagram child types,revealing each type’s strengths and challenges, as well as exploring all 81 parent-child type combinations.

She offers a quiz to determine your Enneagram type and explains how to discover your child’s type.Examining each of the 9 Enneagram parenting types in detail, Gadd looks at what each parental typewants from their child, how to parent from the highest aspects of your type, and how to utilize your type’sinherent skills to be an even better parent. She explores each of the 9 types as children, preteens, andteens, including their positive and more challenging traits—what drives them, whatthey fear, whatinspires them—and offers suggestions for how you can best relate to and communicate with your child.

Looking at each of the 81 parent-child combinations, Gadd suggests how each combination works at itsbest as well as what happens under pressure. She reveals how to improve your overall parent-childrelationship by recognizing not only your child’s triggers but also your own and how to navigate them,leading to more harmonious relationships and interactions within your family.

Offering an opportunity to understand your child and yourself on a much deeper level, the author’ssystematic approach to parenting with the Enneagram reveals why we and our children behave in certainways, how to release our habits, and how to be fully present as a parent. And being present with ourchildren is the best gift we can give them to help them feel safe, heard, and understood

Ann Gadd is an accredited Enneagram practitioner (iEQ9 certified),holistictherapist, artist, and journalist. A professional member of the InternationalEnneagram Association, she offers Enneagram workshops for beginners andadvanced students. Ann is the author of 35 books, includingThe Enneagram ofEating,Sex and the Enneagram, and a series of Enneagram children’s books. Shelives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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