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Lifetimes Achievement Award & Ommiewood Hall of Fame

John Holland

John Holland Author of "Bridging Two Realms : Learn To Communicate With Your Loved Ones On The Other-Side" 

John is no ordinary man! Even as a child, he didn’t have a conventional childhood. It was as though Spirit had already singled him out and mapped his future. Over the decades, he has devoted himself to both his personal and spiritual development, and as a result, he’s become one of the most respected psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage today. John takes his work seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity and respect. As he says: “If I can help people connect with someone on the Other-Side – by linking with the Spirit World – to bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, or if I can help you understand and tap into your own inner guidance (psychic intuition) for answers, then I truly feel that I’ve done my job.”

John was born with an inner sense of knowing – knowing that he was the different one in the family. Events molded his early days, as he quickly learned to deal with the power of his intuitive nudges and accepted the beginnings of his psychic awakenings, which had already started influencing events. For him, they quickly became normal.

He received confirmation of his special psychic abilities after a near-fatal automobile accident when he was 30 years old. The shock to his system amplified his psychic skills and brought them to the surface. This was clearly a turning point, and there was no going back! He has often referred to this intense incident in his life as “His Wake–Up Call!”

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John sees his role as two-fold. He loves to educate and considers himself a spiritual teacher as much as a practicing medium, whereby he offers a rare insight into the actual mechanics of mediumship.


During his demonstrations, he explains, every step of the way, how he links with the spirit and the different forms of communication, illustrating the words and images that the spirit uses to send messages through him – as a Spirit Messenger.

John passionately believes that his job as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher is not only to help those connect with their loved ones but, just as importantly, to empower everyone to follow their own spiritual journey.

Often, for those who lose a loved one, it can cause them to question their own beliefs about life after death. As a spiritual teacher, John can help you to tap into your intuitive psychic abilities to discover and recognize the signs and symbols associated with your loved ones who have passed on.

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P.O. Box 983 Exeter, NH 03833 USA

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