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 Nominee for the Category: Best Spiritual Medium​​​

Deborah Livingston

Deborah Livingston, Psychic Medium and best-selling book ‘Strand of Pearls’.”

As seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, MSN, NBC, and WBZ news networks, Television Show 6th Sense and Beyond and featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine, Deborah Livingston is an award-winning, internationally recognized psychic medium, animal communicator, and Spiritual Mentor.

Born with tremendous spiritual gifts and abilities, Deborah is blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and psychic premonitions. She views these gifts as a natural, sacred communication through Spirit to Spirit, a bridge between two worlds by linking with an eternal energy of love and light. Deborah is a Shaman, a psychic investigator, and a spiritual circle facilitator who also teaches workshops, and serves as a Spiritualist in churches.

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Her Story


Deborah authored the best-selling book ‘Strand of Pearls’” and co-authored ‘Outstanding Results. She also writes for several magazines around the world. She is a proud, active, and valuable member of the Spiritualist National Union in England and Spiritualist National Union International or SNUI. She attends the prominent Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Mediumship and Ershamstar of Kent, England, every year to further develop her gifts, which link her to the Spirit world and allow her to best serve her valued clients.

Deborah was featured in the Hollywood Gift Baskets and was chosen as one of the Top 10 psychics, hand-selected by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. She was also featured on the cover and interviewed for the November 2016 issue of OMTimes Magazine. She has appeared on WBZ news and the 6th Sense and Beyond television show. She was chosen as one of the Top Psychics in Boston by Jack Rourke, one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. Each top psychic was selected in recognition of their dedication and expertise, and commitment to their client’s satisfaction. She was also chosen to be part of the 2015 FOX All-Star Dog Rescue Fundraiser Swag Bags.

As a way of giving back for her gifts and abilities, Deborah regularly joins in fundraisers. She participates as a gallery Medium for several charitable events, including the American Heart Association, several private Cancer funds, Autism, etc. She is also an annual guest at the New Years' Eve First Night for the City of Worcester, MA.

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Deborah Livingston, Psychic Medium and best-selling book ‘Strand of Pearls’.” represented by  Best American Psychics.

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