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 Nominee for the Category: Best Spiritual Medium


LJ, Psychic Medium and Author of "The Spirit of Hope "

LJ is a Certified Psychic Medium with Best American Psychic and a proud member of the Certified Psychic Society. She is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, and the Author of The Spirit of Hope. She has been seen on National Television, hosting a talk show in Long Island, NY. She was born in Calabria, Italy. Her Family moved to New York when She was nine months old.

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Her Story


When I was 21, my cousin traveled from Italy to visit me here in NY. We decided to take a trip to Washington, D.C.! While waiting to board the bus, I had an inkling that I needed to talk to my nonna/grandmother. I just needed to hear her voice. We had a lovely conversation. Little did I know it would be my last. I received the news when we got home from our trip that my beloved nonna had passed away. I was devastated, thinking I would never feel her presence again. A few years later, while recovering from a minor surgery, I had a strong sense that my nonna was there and covering me with a blanket. My nonna still finds ways to reach out, and our powerful bond didn’t die when she did.

They say you always find yourself when facing traumatic experiences, and that is just what happened to me.  In 2013 less than a month after marrying my best friend Billy, I suffered a spine injury and that led to multiple traumatic surgeries; this is where my “awakening” came. I have undergone eight surgeries in the past 8 years, and in April of 2018, I donated my kidney to an amazing young lady.  I have also been diagnosed with three rare diseases (SMAS, NCS, MALS), which all needed surgeries to help correct.

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Ms. LJ is a Psychic and Medium represented by  Best American Psychics.

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