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 Nominee for the Category: Best Spiritual Medium​​​

Michelle Beltran

Michelle Beltran, Psychic Medium and Life Coach

Michelle Beltran is a world-renowned psychic medium, author, life and relationship coach, and host of the hit podcast The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. As an author, she is a contributing writer to Elephant Journal, Medium, Thrive Global, Finer Minds and Spirituality & Health Magazine. She authored the award-winning book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic, and co-authored two additional books: 365 Days of Angel Prayers and 111 Morning Meditations. She has worked extensively with attempting to locate missing persons, investigating crimes, and working to bring closure to families.

Ms. Beltran has traveled the world, especially southeast Asia, walking many different paths in life and, from each, gaining a unique insight into society, human nature, and potential. Her life experiences include service in the U.S. Air Force, many years spent working as a probation officer, and even professional cycling. Her education is equally vast; Ms. Beltran holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, is completing a master’s in secondary education, and has studied law at Golden Gate School of Law in addition to her extensive training in psychic abilities, remote viewing, and mediumship.

Michelle is featured at USA Today, Forbes, ABC, LA Times, Hay House World Summit, OM Times, Spirituality & Health Magazine, and others. 

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Her Story

As a former professional athlete and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Ms. Beltran finds that a great deal of the psychic information she receives is health and fitness related. She possesses a unique gift of medical intuitiveness which she credits to her experience in professional sports. Ms. Beltran finds that connection with and awareness of the physical body is vital to attaining life balance. Michelle is still an avid ambassador of the sport of cycling. Be sure to follow her training at Strava, where she’s often racing 100-mile days in the saddle!

Michelle has been featured at USA Today, Forbes, ABC, LA Times, Hay House World Summit, OM Times and Spirituality & Health Magazine and many others. Her greatest joy is seeing people engage in more fulfilling lives and teaching them how to awaken, amplify, and trust their inner voice

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Michelle Beltran is a Psychic Medium and Life Coach represented by  Best American Psychics.

 For Information about her, contact them directly:

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