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Once Around the Sun

An Illustrated Collection of Stories and Activities to Celebrate Festivals and the Changing of the Seasons

Once Around the Sun

Category: Metaphysics

Once upon a time, when only candles lit the inside of homes and people traveled on foot or by horse, thefamily would finish their supper, wash and dry the dishes, and sit down before the hearth to hear a tale.These tales were not only entertaining but also passed down both history and tradition to the nextgeneration.

And as the wheel of the year turned, these tales also served to teach the children aboutholy daysand festivalsandthe Gods and Goddesses who reigned over the changing seasons.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Ellen Evert Hopman shares rich stories drawn from traditional folktales,hands-on crafts, andseasonal recipes to help families and classrooms learn about and celebrate traditionalholy days and festivals of the sacred earth year. Designed to be read out loud, the stories are complementedwith pronunciation guides and translations for foreign words. You will learn of the Cailleach, the ancientGoddess ofWinter; La Befana, the Italian new year’s witch; Eostre, the Goddess ofSpring; Kupalnocka, thePolish feast of wreaths at midsummer;Yule among the Vikingsand many other deities and celebrations.

For each story, the author includeshands-on projects special to the holiday—from crafting magical wandsand brooms to flower crowns,and Brighid’s Crosses—as well as seasonal recipessuch as MagicalPeppermint Chocolate Tea, Beltaine Bannock, and La Befana Cake, allowing families to enjoy the tastes,smells, and sounds associated with the feast days and celebrations.

Ellen Evert Hopman has been a Druidic initiate since 1984. She is afounding member of the Order of the White Oak, anArchdruidess of the Tribe of the Oak,and a member of the Grey Council of Mages and Sages. She is the author of several books,includingWalking the World in Wonder. She lives in Massachusetts.Lauren Millshaswon national acclaim as both an author/illustrator and a sculptor. The author and illustratorof the award-winningThe Rag Coat, she lives in western Massachusetts.

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