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The Speaker and Leader Resource Company

SpeakerTunity’s mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and authors like you find and secure their next clients by getting in front of more audiences faster—so you can change the world! SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker and Leader Resource Company, has researched hundreds of thousands of speaker lead contacts, and has curated them to meet your needs.The SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® program provides leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more.

You’ll also discover easy ways to get your speaker one-sheet, speaker handouts, and slides designed. You can either learn how to book yourself at SpeakerTunity® or arrange to have a Virtual Assistant book for you! SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker Toolbox, one-stop shopping for the speaker/leader! and

SpeakerTunity® also hosts the Get Booked Academy on YouTube:

Jackie Lapin is a serial pioneer who has long career creating innovative companies that serve the marketplace in conscious ways. In recent years, her twin companies, Conscious Media Relations –which does radio/podcast tours for luminaries and leaders—and SpeakerTunity®, --which provides speaker leads and other resources for experts who want to speak more often and in more places—have become well-known brands in the conscious marketplace.  

Jackie is also an author of two bestselling personal growth books, one of which was deemed the best spiritual book of the year at the International New Age Trade Show. Before that she helmed one of the nations’ leading sports/special events public relations agency after starting her career as one of the world’s first women sportswriters.  , and

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