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Lifetimes Achievement Award & Ommiewood Hall of Fame

John Pavlovitz

John Pavlovitz, Author of "If God Is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk " 

John Pavlovitz is a writer, pastor, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina. A 25-year veteran in the trenches of local church ministry, John is committed to equality, diversity, and justice—both inside and outside faith communities. When not actively working for a more compassionate planet, John enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, cooking, and having time in nature. He is the author of If God Is Love, Don’t Be a JerkA Bigger TableHope and Other SuperpowersLowRise, and Stuff That Needs to Be Said.

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John Pavlovitz is a unique voice. A voice that cries out to the Christian community to put an end to exclusion, bigotry, divisiveness, and fear. A voice that longs to see churches emulate unconditional love and demonstrate wholehearted acceptance of everyone with compassion and radical hospitality, total authenticity, messy diversity and create agenda-free spiritual communities that leave no one out.

Pavlovitz later worked for nearly a decade as a youth pastor, in a program serving several hundred students at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, a "megachurch" in Charlotte, North Carolina, before being fired. In 2022 he launched Empathetic People Network, a private paid social media network for "kind humans."

John is committed to equality, diversity, and justice.

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John can be contacted through his website page

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