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Category: Tarot Decks, Oracle Cards, & Inspirational Cards

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Category: Tarot Decks, Oracle Cards, & Inspirational Cards The word oracle is derived from Latin and means the answer given by a deity to a personal question through divinatory arts. To better comprehend what an oracle is, you have to go back to the history of Mankind, when the word Oracle meant prophetic gifts and was used to illustrate places where individuals searched for answers from their deities and Guardian spirits about their future and fate. In Ancient Times, the best-known Oracle was that of Delphi, located at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece. He was sought after by common people and great political figures. Ageless wisdom says that the prophecies made by the priestesses of the place were sent by the god Apollo himself. Therefore, they were considered very reliable. By extension, the term oracle sometimes also designates the human intermediary consulted, who transmits the answer and even, in the Ancient World, the place that gained a reputation for distributing oracular wisdom, where the Divine presence was noticed whenever called, which passed to be considered sacred ground and previously prepared for such practice. What is an Oracle? The term "Oracle" is applied to a wide variety of divinatory arts that use some means to interpret messages. They are usually patterns that are analyzed according to the order and question asked by the consultant. In general, the term can be understood as a tool to obtain hidden knowledge, making life easier for those looking for it. For this reason, they aid in the journey of self-knowledge and in making important decisions. A quick definition: "Oracles are instruments shaped through symbols and archetypes that resonate in our soul, reflecting from the most basic and common levels of everyday life to the deepest and darkest aspects of the subconscious. How Different are Tarot and Oracles? The tarot and the oracle are divinatory systems and can be read individually or together. The method and effectiveness of any of the readings will be determined more by the professionalism of the person doing it, their skills, and intuitions than by the type of letter used. There are several types of oracles. Some of them have come to us and have been used since antiquity, while others were created a few centuries ago. Some of the most used Divinatory systems today are Tarot, Cartomancy, The Gypsy Deck, Nordic runes, and Ocean Shells. Ancient civilizations consulted oracles for various purposes. By extension, the term oracle designates both the deity consulted and the human intermediary who transmits the answer and the sacred place where the answer is given.

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