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The Ommies Unveils the Most Influencial Personalities


The Ommie Awards 2022: OMTimes Media's Online Gala Event Showcasing the Pinnacle of Spirituality, Conscious Lifestyle, New Thought, Holistic Healing, and Metaphysics

July 14th, 2023 - In a spectacular celebration of the global spiritually conscious community, OMTimes Media proudly presents The Ommie Awards 2022. This online gala event has been designed to honor and eternalize the contributions of influential luminaries who have significantly shaped the genres of Spirituality, Conscious Lifestyle, New Thought, Holistic and Integrative Healing, and Metaphysics.

The Ommie Awards 2022, envisioned as a global bridge connecting like-minded souls, takes center stage in the digital sphere, bringing together innovative minds worldwide. The event aims to transcend geographical boundaries, uniting participants through a shared passion for consciousness and healing.

This unique platform recognizes and celebrates the trailblazers of these transformative genres, those who have strived to elevate collective consciousness and advocate holistic and integrative healing. The Ommie Awards 2022 seeks to immortalize these luminaries' work, highlighting their unwavering dedication to spirituality, new thought, and a conscious lifestyle.

In the grand lineup of The Ommie Awards, the winners in each category will be unveiled, each an embodiment of excellence and transformative thinking. These eminent personalities, selected through a rigorous process for outstanding contributions, serve as inspiring role models in their respective fields. They represent the power of conscious thought and its ability to inspire change and positively impact society.

The categories include Spirituality, Conscious Lifestyle, New Thought, Holistic and Integrative Healing, and Metaphysics, representing a broad spectrum of disciplines within the spiritually conscious community. This variety underlines the diversity and dynamism of the community and showcases its multifaceted nature.

The Ommie Awards 2022 will honor these pioneers for their profound contributions and present them with an opportunity to inspire an even wider audience. By leveraging OMTimes Media's extensive reach, the event aims to amplify these influential voices, inspiring individuals worldwide and driving a global shift towards heightened spiritual consciousness.

OMTimes Media endeavors to create an immersive digital experience through this online gala, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Participants from all walks of life can join this celebration, get inspired by influential luminaries, and be part of the global wave of consciousness.

The Ommie Awards 2022 encapsulates OMTimes Media's commitment to honoring the past, celebrating the present, and inspiring the future. This dedication to eternalizing quality and consciousness reflects their mission to promote positive change, holistic healing, and personal growth.

As we prepare to unveil the winners at this prestigious event, we invite you to be part of this celebration of excellence, innovation, and conscious living. Witness the crowning of the most influential minds in Spirituality, Conscious Lifestyle, New Thought, Holistic and Integrative Healing, and Metaphysics, and be part of the change they inspire.

About OMTimes Media:

OMTimes Media is a leading multimedia platform that provides thought-provoking, uplifting, and inspiring content to the spiritually conscious community. By bridging the gap between popular culture and higher consciousness, OMTimes Media aims to enlighten its global readership and contribute to the rise of a more conscious world.

The Livestreaming Ommie Awards Gala event will occur on July 16th at 8:PM Eastern Time. Streaming from OMTimes Tv on YouTube

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