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The Ommie Awards Gala Ceremony Announce The Winners

The Livestreaming Ommie Awards Gala event will occur on July 16th at 8:PM Eastern Time. Streaming from  OMTimes Tv on Youtube
Ommie Awards Gala Ceremony

Ommie Awards Gala Ceremony FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

OMTimes Media Announces The Ommie Awards 2022: An International Celebration of Luminary Minds, Influencers, and Changemakers in the Spiritually Conscious Community

July 12th, 2023 - OMTimes Media, a leading platform in conscious media, is excited to unveil The Ommie Awards 2022. This grand gala event is designed to recognize and celebrate the most influential luminaries, artists, musicians, writers, and trendsetters in the spiritually conscious community. The Livestreaming Gala event will occur on July 16th at 8:PM Eastern Time.

The Ommie Awards aim to open new doors for these remarkable individuals, offering them a unique platform to receive the recognition they deserve for their significant contributions. This recognition extends to a wide range of conscious personalities, influencers, and leaders in the spiritual genre who have previously been published.

Open to participants from all corners of the globe, The Ommie Awards is a truly inclusive and accessible event. With the power of the internet, anyone in the spiritually conscious community can participate, irrespective of their geographical location. This inclusivity ensures a diverse and vibrant collection of participants, further enriching the event and the community.

Ommie Awards and a groundbreaking Platform

The Ommie Awards serve as a significant platform for individuals within the spiritually conscious community to gain recognition, not just nationally but also on the international stage. By spotlighting their accomplishments, OMTimes Media seeks to pave the way for these creators to make a broader impact, thereby influencing and shaping the conscious landscape on a larger scale.

Furthermore, The Ommie Awards offers an unprecedented opportunity for participants: the possibility of having their books published by the OMTimes Publishing House.

This represents a tremendous opportunity for writers and authors in the spiritually conscious genre. It provides a launching pad for their literary works and amplifies their reach within the conscious community and beyond.

At the heart of The Ommie Awards lies the principle of merit. This is a celebration of individuals who have shown dedication, creativity, and innovation in their respective fields within the spiritually conscious community. Their accomplishments are a testament to their commitment to their craft and passion for promoting spiritual consciousness.

The Ommie Awards is more than a recognition ceremony - it's a stepping stone to greater opportunities, a gateway to wider recognition, and a platform to showcase the wealth of talent within the spiritually conscious community. It seeks to honor those who paved the way while fostering the next generation of spiritual trendsetters and influencers.

The OMMIES AWARDS platform is a “hands-on project” in partnership with the best Publishing Houses in the USA and several Conscious, Spiritual, and Metaphysics professionals. We are proud to bring an accessible and user-friendly platform that will allow our audience to experience and vote on these Personalities as they shine their vision and bring the new nuances of a more conscious planetary culture.

Join OMTimes Media in this grand celebration of unity, consciousness, creativity, and the human spirit. Witness as we recognize today's luminaries and inspire tomorrow's changemakers. Be a part of The Ommie Awards 2023 and join us in this remarkable journey towards a more conscious world.

Ommie Awards Gala Ceremony

The Livestreaming Gala event will occur on July 16th at 8:PM Eastern Time. Streaming from OMTimes Tv on Youtube

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