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Ommies 2022- Winners

OMTimes Media and all the members of the Ommiewood Guild participating in the Museum of Memory project would like to announce the winners of the Ommie Awards 2022.

We thank all the Changemakers and Conscious Luminaries that stepped up and brought their message and mission forward.

The one single factor that determines society’s success is the percentage of change-makers within it. ~Bill Drayton

OMTimes Media is thrilled to unveil, along with the dedicated members of the Ommiewood Award Guild who enthusiastically contributed to the realization of the Museum of Memory project, the distinguished winners of the highly anticipated Ommie Awards for the year 2022.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the remarkable Changemakers and Conscious Luminaries who wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to showcase their profound messages and visionary missions. Your unwavering commitment to driving positive change and illuminating the world with your insights has left an indelible mark on this endeavor.

A "conscious changemaker" refers to an individual or entity that actively and intentionally creates positive and meaningful change in the world while being deeply aware, intentional, and considerate of their actions' impact on various aspects of society, the environment, and individuals' well-being. A conscious changemaker goes beyond mere surface-level actions and strives to make a difference in ways that align with their values, ethical principles, and a broader awareness of interconnectedness.

As we honor the recipients of the Ommie Awards, we also celebrate the collective spirit that thrives within our community. Each participant's tireless efforts, boundless creativity, and meaningful contributions have enriched the Museum of Memory project beyond measure. Through your dedication, the essence of these awards truly comes to life.

With deep appreciation, we recognize these exceptional individuals' impact, not only within the Ommiewood Guild but also on a global scale. The resonance of their voices and their missions exemplify unity's power in fostering positive transformation.

As we reflect on the Ommie Awards 2022, we are reminded that true change is ignited by those who dare to share their unique narratives and insights. The ripple effect created by their actions inspires us all, igniting a passion for contributing to a brighter and more conscious world.

Once again, we congratulate the winners of the Ommie Awards 2022 and express our gratitude to every participant who contributed to the success of this remarkable journey. We continue to pave the way for a future illuminated by awareness, compassion, and profound transformation.

The Ommie Awards Guild was created as an association of Individuals from various walks of Life, all willing to respond to an increasing demand inside the ever-growing community of Spiritually conscious Individuals in our modern society: The Need for a Standard of Excellence, Quality, and Integrity.

The entire backbone of this organization is based on Integrity and a Promotion of a meritorious system of rewards.


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