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OMTimes: The Omni Conscious Media Channel

The Omni Conscious Media Channel.

OMTimes Media Broadcast: The New Framework of Conscious and Sentient Media

“Passion and excellence at the Heart of our Work.”

OMTimes Media, Inc. is home to some of the most respected digital assets in the conscious community. It includes one of the most widely-read publications in digital media, OMTimes Magazine, founded in 2009. The company established itself as a web pioneer when Humanity Healing Network, as its sister company, began providing reliable information on holistic, alternative, and energy healing modalities starting in 2007.

Today, OMTimes Media, Inc.’s websites reach more than three million visitors every month, an increase of almost 30 percent yearly.

The network OMTimes Omni-Channel provides is the only leading multidimensional portal for information, inspiration, alternative views, and conscious news that legitimately upholds a true reach throughout the spiritually aware and conscious communities for more than five years. We provide our educated audience with a seamless experience of all things Conscious: Entertainment, Informational articles, Interviews, Three different Radio Stations, Movie commentaries & suggestions, and new book releases.

Relevance is our specialty. Relevance drives results.

With six years of experience as a Global Communique with a very specialized reach, OMTimes Media has grown as a powerhouse and a supportive/sustainable brand extension for many clients. We do branded content, native advertising, partnerships, branded entertainment, social marketing, and online event promotion.

We specialize in integrated marketing positioning with unique craftsmanship inside the conscious community for emerging and established brands. So if you are looking for higher visibility, practical exposure, and an attentive, eager, and educated audience, OMTimes Media, the OMNI Channel of the conscious community, can give you precisely what you are looking for: The center stage for your product, service program, and image.

OMTimes Media provides full-service social media, brand assertion, promotion, creative consulting, and modern-day marketing and branding tailored specifically to the conscious community, primarily holistic and spiritual audiences. In addition, OMTimes is a necessary tool that facilitates and co-creates other public relations services.

The OMTimes Media is an Icon of a Renaissance Media of the Modern World.

Our Creative Editorial and Marketing teams are an assortment of visionary minds and dreamers who constantly walk their talk and push the envelope.

We Practice Disruptive Innovative & Creative Style

Our talent resides in creating rich, transformative new models of promotion and publicity that usually break the usual norm of the status quo of specialized niche markets. We accurately understand the concept of moving parts, nuances, and the complexity of building a solid reputation and visibility online.

We create content and build brands that entertain, inform, engage, and inspire audiences through the platforms of their choice.

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