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Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind is an invitation to rest, find peace, awaken, and remember.

Quiet Mind

CATEGORY: Personal Growth

David Kundtz offers readers mindful minutes through the power of stillness. In the haste of everyday life, Quiet Mind offers us an extension of time by allotting us moments of healing and self-introspection. The miracle of mindfulness is a welcome respite for anyone who lives a life that feels nonstop.


Connect with your inner self by pausing your thoughts, banishing your self-doubt, and embracing a daily practice of observing a moment of silence. 

Quiet Mind is an invitation to rest, find peace, awaken, and remember. You will find guidance on using the moments between activities, which the author calls “still points,” as opportunities to focus on becoming more fully awake to who you are at any time, even during one, sacred mindful minute.

Inside this mindful moment book, you’ll find:

·  Ways to cultivate a positive mindset to remain open to infinite possibilities of spiritual growth

·  A series of reflections that can assist you with unwinding anxiety blocking your path to spiritual connection

Insight that stems from spirituality and the psychology of introspection.

David Kundtz, S.Th.D., M.F.T, has sold more than 113,000 books in English, Spanish, and Japanese. His books contain timeless wisdom for our current age of anxiety. He has enjoyed several careers, including eighteen years in religious ministry and twenty years in the practice of psychotherapy, writing, and public speaking on stress and emotional health. He has graduate degrees in psychology and theology and he has a doctorate in pastoral psychology. He is the author of Quiet MindStoppingMoments in BetweenAwakened Mind, and several other books.



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