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Category: Personalities: Conscious and Spiritual Visionaries

A visionary is an individual with the rare ability to combine vision with competence. The Visionary doesn't just see the present: it also sees the future. He can predict trends and anticipate changes rather than being run over by them. A visionary is an alchemist of our modern times.


Visionary is the quality of something or someone who is idealistic, has grand and unusual ideas, and believes they see trends or concepts ahead of their time. A person described as a visionary is usually known for their innovative, creative, and inventive behavior and forward-thinking. This is because they have unconventional ideas that break established patterns.


  1. New Age Visionary

  2. Yoga Personality

  3. Most Compassionate Celebrity

  4. Inspirational Spirit teacher

  5. Spiritual Visionary 

  6. Kind, Caring, Compassionate Category (A Person)

  7. Celebrity Humanitarian

  8. Conscious Politician

  9. Co-spirituality Celebrity

  10. Spiritual Visual Artist

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