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Dear Radiant One

Dear Radiant One: An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life

Dear Radiant One: An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life

Category: Spiritual Memoir

Welcome to the journey of my story as an invitation to enter your own. Be prepared to see your world in a new radiance; you will be transformed forever.

I put a lot of love, healing, and transformational energy into these pages for you to experience our world with a whole new radiant perspective.

Together we will dance through the twists and turns of life. We will discover a way to make friends in the shadows of Fear, Anger, Grief, Shame, or Loneliness and make new choices to step into the light of Gratitude, Trust, Confidence, Joy, and Love.

This book shares vulnerable and honest interactions with the emotions through letters that give you direct access to your own internal landscape. Dive into practices that are an open invitation to explore your own vulnerability and the honest experiences of your emotional body. If you are ready to dance with your radiance—and you always have a choice—this book will be your best friend to guide you along the way.

Phoebe Leona

Phoebe is an international bestselling author, dancer, yoga teacher, and transformational guide who helps people feel more embodied through somatic/movement and expanded awareness practices to become more empowered in who they are, who they are becoming, and have a greater sense of belonging. She has been a teacher and guide for most of her life but it was after a year of extreme loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and a new life, that she dove deeply into her practices and began her company. The nOMad Collective helps others through their own transitions and the spaces in between.

Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her movement/somatic practice, Mvt109™ for students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transforming old and held patterns, and reclaiming the vibrations and stories they want to bring to life. Phoebe also finds joy in sharing her story to help others in their healing. She has been featured at DailyOM, TEDx, on podcasts and nOMad’s podcast, The Space in Between.


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