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The Way of the Wild Goose: Three Pilgrimages Following Geese, Stars, and Hunches on the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain

When long time trekker, writer, and anthropologist Beebe Bahrami made her first full 500-mile hike on the Camino de Santiago, she met pilgrims who told her that the Camino was more than a Christian pilgrimage.

The Way of the Wild Goose, a mystery, the wild feminine, and trail magic come together on the Camino de Santiago.

Category: Spiritual Memoir

A pilgrimage-turned-adventure story in pursuit of a pagan mystery on the Camino de Santiago across France and Spain.

"In Beebe Bahrami’s The Way of the Wild Goose, a mystery, the wild feminine, and trail magic come together on the Camino de Santiago....Bahrami affirms that the Camino is more than a mere road—it’s an initiation. With skill and insight, she details the joys, challenges, and human kindness she experienced on this ‘great leyline forged from the mix of natural earth energies with the human imagination’ that became her road to self-discovery and a heart-centered life." —Foreword Reviews; starred review

With three pilgrimages across southern France and northern Spain defining author and anthropologist Beebe Bahrami’s single journey on the Camino de Santiago, The Way of the Wild Goose recounts an inner and outer journey full of wild nature, ancient roads and history, quirky pilgrims, wise and humorous locals, and mysterious folklore. It’s a compelling tale of quest, initiation, and transformation following the Way of Saint James.

The book is also a detective story that reveals an old mystery: Why is the goose associated with the medieval Camino de Santiago, and how did it come to preserve a whole universe of pagan, pre-Christian lore in one innocent symbol? Longtime trekker Bahrami decided to find out, and unknowingly catapulted herself into a true wild goose chase, unearthing a magnetically alive and meaningful long walk on the ancient roads in France and Spain—and a journey into the Self.

Beebe Bahrami is a widely-published writer and cultural anthropologist specializing in narrative, memoir, and creative nonfiction with a special focus on travel, adventure, food and wine, cross-cultural, archaeological, and spiritual themes, especially in France and Spain.

A veteran on both sides of the Pyrenees of the Way of Saint James (also called the Camino de Santiago and Chemin St-Jacques) she also writes extensively about the stories and deep history and prehistory connected to this ancient sacred road.


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