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When the Bright Moon Rises

The Awakening of Ancient Memories

When the Bright Moon Rises

Category: Spiritual Novel

A compelling past-life memoir that will open you to the mysteries and promises of your own spiritual journey

When the Bright Moon Rises is first and foremost a love story--love between the sages and the cosmic forces known as the deities, love of the sages for the people, and love between individuals seeking to express this universal force of love that exists within all of us. It is also a study of karma, the cosmic law of cause and effect.

This narrative begins in Vedic India, around the 9th century BCE, with the meeting of two people and the seeding of a love that cannot be fulfilled but which comes to fruition nearly 10,000 years later during the Tang Empire in China, where they are reborn as the renowned poet Li Bai and his poet wife. The awakening of her memories of previous births initiates an inner struggle that is only resolved under the guidance of her Daoist Master. This is her story.

Dena Merriam is a renowned international interfaith leader and was Vice Chair of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious Leaders at the UN. She convened a meeting of women spiritual leaders also at the UN and founded the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) in 2002. For 45 years she has been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda. She holds an MS from Columbia University. In 2014 she won the Niwano Peace Prize for her interfaith peace efforts. She is the author of My Journey Through Time: A Spiritual Memoir, The Untold Story of Sita, and When the Bright Moon Rises.

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