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The Illusion of Life and Death: Mind, Consciousness, and Eternal Being

Life and death are closely entwined — One must learn to die well as one must learn to live well

The Illusion of Life and Death: Mind, Consciousness, and Eternal Being

Category: Spiritual Book

From ancient sages, spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, philosophers including Plato and Seneca to modern-day quantum physicists, life-long student of religions and spiritual traditions, philosophy and quantum physics, Clare Goldsberry, walks us through the mystery of death and dying, as well as the questions of the meaning and purpose of life.

With her insights as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, student of Hinduism, as well as the journey of the cancer diagnosis of her significant other and his death, she provides a unique view into living and dying as seen through the ages from those who’ve sought answers into this most mysterious of experiences—this thing we call death.

Clare Goldsberry has experienced Protestant Christianity, Mormonism, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Gnosticism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. She writes about religion and spiritual traditions for Quest magazine and other publications. Her book A Stranger in Zion: A Christian’s Journey through the Heart of Utah Mormonism won the Arizona Book Publishers Association’s Glyph Award for Best Religion Book in 2003. Goldsberry has also published six books on marketing and sales strategies for small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies, and she founded her own marketing and public relations business in 1989. She lives and works in Arizona.

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