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 Nominee for the Category: Best Tarot Reader​​​

Mary Daisley

Mary Daisley is an expert and reputable Psychic, a Clairvoyant, and a Channel. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and came from a strong Irish descent. She is considered a True Irish Seer.

A Seer is someone gifted with sight, someone, who gains knowledge either by a sudden knowing or vision and can see through time. Mary has been Psychic since she was a child, and she has been reading tarot cards and guiding people for 25 years.

She has the gift of Clairalience, a form of extrasensory perception, which involves getting psychic impressions through the sense of smell. She is also a Clairaudient, someone who uses the sense of hearing; and a Clairsentient or an empath, someone who can sense the emotions and feelings of other people, and is in tune with the vibrational frequencies of other people.

Mary is self-taught and has an innate skill in reading the tarot. She has adapted her special gift of Psychometry or the Psychic Touch with Tarot Cards. Psychometry, a form of scrying, is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or read impressions by touching a person or an object.

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Her Story

Mary is a Reiki Master Teacher. She received her Master's Teacher Attunement in the late 1990s. Reiki, which comes from the Japanese words Rei and Ki, is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction, and promotes healing. Reiki, which literally means spiritually guided life force energy, is done through the laying of hands, by transferring life force energy. It is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing.

She has strengthened her Psychometry by combining tarot reading and Reiki, allowing her to use her gift of Psychic Touch, to read and forecast up to the next 9 to 18 months. Mary is knowledgeable in Aura Manipulation and energy healing. She was reading cards at “Open Doors” in Braintree, MA from 1995 to 2005 as Mary Chapin or Mary C.

She also taught classes in Physics and Women’s Studies. While at “Open Doors”, she read for corporate events, including The Boston Society of Architects Annual Gala, MA Nurses Convention and numerous parties. She joined Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics in October 2013 and has been awarded Psychic of the Month by the Best American Psychics for the month of October 2016.

She is also a guest co-host at 6th Sense and Beyond. What sets Mary apart from other readers and psychics is how she connects with her clients in a very deep and personal way, which makes her readings accurate and on target. Her goal for every reading is to put her clients at ease, as if they are talking to a new old friend, someone who can give them thoughtful advice in a truthful, professional and caring way.


Mary Daisley is a Psychic and Tarot Reader represented by  Best American Psychics.

 For Information about her, contact them directly:

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