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 Nominee for the Category: Best Tarot Reader​​​

Paul Fenton-Smith

Paul Fenton-Smith, Author of "Advanced Tarot: An In-Depth Guide to Practical & Intuitive Tarot Reading"

Clairvoyant, writer, and regular media guest Paul Fenton-Smith is the author of ten books. With simple language and entertaining examples, Paul takes a practical approach to the esoteric. Whether reading for clients, teaching, or conveying his knowledge through books, Paul's realistic approach brings clear benefits to people's everyday lives.


HIS Story

In 1985 Paul established the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney, aiming to set a standard in the industry. All students who seek certification through the academy must successfully complete written practical examinations and abide by a set of ethics.

Paul began his studies with a course in palmistry in 1978. Moving from Adelaide to Sydney in 1980, he studied the tarot in 1984. He completed a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (1986) before leaving for London for further study. He also attended a counseling course in 1992 and completed a Grad. Dip. in Counselling in 2015.

Aside from his teaching commitments at the Academy, Paul runs a busy private practice in Sydney as a clairvoyant, counselor, and hypnotherapist and conducts courses around Australia. ­

Rough practicing and teaching the psychic sciences for more than 40 years, Paul encourages his clients and students to believe in what they can see or experience for themselves.


• Astrology Revealed (1997) • A Secret Door to the Universe (2017) • Mastering the Tarot (2000) • Finding Your Soul Mate (2001/10) • True North (2002) • Palmistry Revealed (1996/2017) • Tarot Masterclass (2007) • Intuition (2011)

CDs • Guided Meditations (2001) • Improve your Intuition (2006) • Finding Your Soul Mate (2007) • Restful Sleep (2012) DVD • Discover the Tarot (2004)

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Paul Fenton-Smith is a prolific author and founder of the Academy of Psychic Sciences In Sydney.  He is represented by Allen & Unwin.  All media inquiries should be directed to them.

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