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The Amazonian Angel Oracle. Working with Angels, Devas, and Plant Spirits

Card Deck and Guidebook Inspired by the Ayahuasca Visions and Shamanic
Wisdom of Pablo Amaringo

The Amazonian Angel Oracle Working with Angels, Devas, and Plant Spirits

Category: Tarot and Deck Cards

When he passed away in 2009, renowned shamanic artist Pablo Amaringo left behind countless unfinished drawings and paintings as well as hundreds of pages of writings on his in-depth knowledge of the vibrant mundo amazonica, the spiritual world of the Amazon. Working with these unfinished materials as well as the permission of Amaringo’s family, Howard Charing, a long-time friend, and student of Amaringo, has created an oracle deck and guidebook inspired by Pablo Amaringo’s visionary art and spiritual wisdom.

The deck includes 33 vivid full-color cards, each featuring an angel, deva, or nature spirit set against an intricate backdrop containing Amazonian jungle plants and animals, celestial bodies, ancient temples, spiritual symbols, and ayahuasca visions.

Many of these angels and devas have appeared in Amaringo’s paintings—part of the meaningful details that make his work unique and link it to the magic and mystery of the Amazon. Angels and spirits from the Amazonian shamanic tradition featured on the cards include Xilánster, the angel of prosperity; Darĭ, the deva of the rainforest; Nabu, the angel of esoteric knowledge; T’atrukim, master of the healing arts; and the elemental spirits, Káthima, Zarabeth, Shungo Nina, and Ariadé.

The accompanying guidebook discusses the meanings of each card’s angel, deva, or plant spirit when they appear in an oracle reading as well as within the context of Amazonian shamanic tradition. The book explains how to use the cards for divination and provides card spreads based on traditional shamanic practices, such as the Mesa Norteña of northern Peru. The book also includes guided meditations for each card to help you further explore the card’s message. This oracle deck and guide presents a hands-on tool to connect with the shamanic spirits and angelic beings of the Amazon as well as the visionary power of ayahuasca.

Howard G. Charing holds workshops internationally on shamanism as well as plant medicine retreats in the Peruvian Amazon. He is the author of The Accidental Shaman and coauthor of Plant Spirit Shamanism and The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo. He lives in London.

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