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Jeanne Crescenzo

Angel Channeler

Jeanne Crescenzo

Spiritual Channeller

Jeanne Crescenzo is a Minister of Melchizedek, Medium/Channel, Seichim Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healer, and Artist. She has been working professionally and with compassion for 10 years. She has been a guest on CBS radio and has participated on a variety metaphysical radio programs. Her love of connecting to the Otherside, Higher Dimensions, and Wisdom for others has helped countless all over the world.

Her journey began early in childhood and became impossible to ignore around puberty. She began to receive visions about the true nature of reality and our souls, visitations from loved ones, angelic presences, and the Creator. We are far more than we appear and the Spirit World is full of love! Her connection to her Teachers in Spirit guided her to pursue healing, art, and esoteric teachings. She began to receive feedback on how her words touched, healed, inspired or guided. With the gentle nudging of the Divine was opened further to take these messages to a broader audience and created Light of the Soul, Inc. to provide services, workshops, and wellness products to aid on the spiritual path.

She believes we are all guided by Spirit and we can listen and connect with our vaster soul presence if we chose. Within all of us is the ability to do so. She teaches many spiritual workshops for those ready to move forward in their spiritual learning, open psychically, and connect to their I AM Source vibration.

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Jeanne Crescenzo
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