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Sharon Moon

Spiritual Channeler

Sharon Moon

Spiritual Channeller

Sharon Moon is a Master Tarot Channeler and gifted Psychic. She has the ability to communicate with Master Guides and seek their wisdom regarding each person’s questions. With forty years of professional experience she has a tested average of 93% accuracy. Sharon has the ability to intuitively access information about others and help them with any decisions or enlightenment needed for their life path.

The questing for answers on life course is illuminated in Sharon’s readings. She is able to help clients reach a mental and emotional understanding regarding all questions. Their questions may involve love, relationships, life, death, career, employment, life purposes, life lessons, health, and healing. Sharon is able to get to the heart of a client’s reading and the information most important with respect, honesty, accuracy, and fluid communication.

Sharon’s unique Mediumship skills help her to communicate with the other side. Resolution for people who have crossed over and those left behind is part of the eternal cycle of life evolvement. Sharon feels that every life should engage in learning and experiencing deep richness in regards to growth and life contracts.

Sharon is an active participant in Wolf Rescue, no-kill animal shelters, and activist for safe houses for victims of crime.

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Sharon Moon
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