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Category: Conscious Coaching & Training

EDITOR'S NOTE: This Category will be active in the next cycle of the Ommie Awards in 2023.

A coach is a professional with special human skills. They work with practical tools and techniques, which make the coachee (client) develop self-knowledge and neutralize their limitations to achieve personal and/or professional success.

Coaching is a process on the rise worldwide. It has been gaining more and more space in the lives of those who want to fulfill their dreams, improve their quality of life, and grow professionally.

Coaching would not be possible without the critical figure in this process: the coach. In other words, he is a professional who improves himself as a human being and also helps other people to do the same! With a hot market for this profession, many people take advantage of their professional experience or academic expertise to become coaches.

1. Best Wellness Coach 2. Best Spiritual coach 3. Best Inspirational and Motivational coach 4. Best Transformational coach

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