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Category: The Ommies Community Award

Category: OMTimes Network Personalities (Writers & Broadcasters)

The OMTimes Community and Broadcasting Luminaries

OMTimes Media is honored to be a collaborative broadcasting Platform that Incites New thoughts and allows new voices to take center stage.

For the past 14 years, OMTimes Media has held a relevant position as a reliable content provider of Spiritually Conscious Information. It is proud to be one of the many venues and conscious “hands” weaving Knowledge and clear spiritual information (and education) into a world plagued by Misinformation and half-truths.

Our Platform has been an example of Integrity and Excellence, exceeding in Publication quality and relevance of the information provided.

This year, OMTimes officially launched its Ommie Awards and Ommiewood Halls of Fame. These Initiatives are an open space that privileges merit, real accomplishments, excellence, and brilliance.

OMTimes Media and Broadcast also Honor all our writers, authors, and Broadcasters along with all the Conscious Media outreaches that offer the best enlightening and educational content essential to living an abundant life.

This main OMTimes Network category was created to honor the best Luminary Minds of The OMTimes closer community.

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