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Tarot and Oracles winners 2022

The Ommie Awards reveal the Tarot and Oracles Cards winners Of 2022

OMTimes Media and all the members of the Ommiewood Guild participating in the Museum of Memory project would like to announce the winners of the Ommie Awards 2022. We thank all the Changemakers and Conscious Luminaries that stepped up and brought their message and mission forward.

The "Ommie Awards" acknowledges the winners of the Tarot and Oracle Cards literary Category and recognize their unwavering dedication to illuminating the paths of seekers, offering clarity in times of uncertainty, and helping others navigate the intricate web of life's journey. Their contributions inspire others to explore the mystical realms and embrace the profound meanings that lie beyond the surface.

This prestigious award highlights those who have delved deep into the symbolic tapestry of Tarot, oracle cards and other divination systems, unraveling the threads of ancient wisdom to offer profound insights and guidance. These individuals have redefined how we connect with the metaphysical realm through captivating imagery, insightful interpretations, or groundbreaking approaches.

Join us in celebrating the captivating individuals who have elevated the art of Tarot and oracles to new heights, enriching our understanding of the universe's mysteries and empowering us to navigate the intricacies of existence with confidence and insight.


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